Slipped disk healed in minutes by Jerry Sargeant

There are some people that seem to walk into your life and touch you deeply and one man has certainly done that to me, hence this website to show my respect. Jerry Sargeant really is one in a billion. A kind hearted, down to Earth man. I won’t say gentleman because he is more like a lovable rogue. Regardless he is a powerful energy healer and I want everyone to know about what Jerry offers to this world.

I was in awe of what I witnessed in Los Angeles in February this year (2017) when I sat there and watched Jerry Sargeant heal a long line of people who attended his after show DNA activation workshop. The workshop finished at 10pm and just before the end Jerry asked if anyone would like a healing, so he could demonstrate his work. Everyone in the workshop stood up and formed a line. I am not sure how many people were there but it was a long line. I don’t think Jerry expected this but what I witnessed unfolding was amazing and the healing I got for a slipped disk that had been causing me agony, for more than 18 months, cleared up after a few minutes with Jerry. Two months have gone past and it has been like new. No more pain. Jerry Sargeant was so humble. He gave everyone the time they needed and was so accepting of everyone and what they were going through.

Jerry worked his butt off until gone 2am to get through everyone in the room. What impressed me most were the results I was seeing before my eyes and the fact that Jerry had been healing and running workshops for the last 3 days and he kept smiling the whole way through. I was so impressed that I suggested to my sister Gina, who has a daughter, who was depressed and on heavy medication, to contact Jerry Sargeant and see if he would work with her. Jerry agreed and spent four weeks with her. Over the four weeks they did six sessions together. She is off all the medication and is back to her old self. A real miracle.

She was bullied at school and went through some difficult trauma at home. She was in such a dark place and was lost somewhere inside herself. We were losing hope but after I watched what Jerry is capable of first hand and also received my healing, which lasted, I had hope again. I don’t know what he does and how he really does it but he is doing something quite extraordinary. I know he is helping many people and someone like that deserves credit where credit is due. So, that is why I created this website, to share my thoughts and feelings about this marvellous man.

My sisters and I have all started listening to Jerry’s You Tube meditations also, which are mind blowing; like nothing else I have ever experienced. He is one powerful soul. You can subscribe to Jerry’s You Tube channel here and discover his healing website here.

I went to three different healers for my slipped disk and none of them could sort it after hundreds of dollars and several hours of time. These are reputable well known healers who have been doing it for years. Jerry is someone that has just sprung onto the healing scene in the last year or two and I believe he is one of the best, if not the best. And I don’t say this lightly. He is like a modern Jesus. It sounds a bit cliché but I am not going to mince my words. As Jerry told everyone in his workshop, ‘know your power and speak your truth.’

Since meeting Jerry is LA my whole life has changed. It looks different. It feels different and I seem to have an aura of confidence around me like never before. Other people are commenting on it all the time. That is what I noticed about everyone in Jerry’s workshop; they seemed to be lit up from the inside. He has a gift to transform people very quickly.

Everyone must know about the work Jerry Sargeant does and the Star Magic Frequency he channels/delivers, I don’t really know how you describe it but whatever he does, it works. It’s a blessing to human kind and the planet we live on.

I invite anyone who has benefited from Jerry Sargeant’s Star Magic healing to write to me and share your experiences. I will share them on this website.

My name is Elizabeth Torres and my e-mail address

Elizabeth Torres

Fibromyalgia Was There Hope?

Fibromyalgia, no energy, feeling dead. Was there any hope?

There is something really wrong with me. I feel like I’m dying. These were the exact words I shared with my husband, one Monday morning as he was getting ready to go to work. I sat on the floor too weak to stand. I felt beaten from the inside out.

I got more and more lethargic and really thought I was dying. One day I decided to do some research and began looking online for answers. It sounded like I had Fibromyalgia. I booked in to see my local doctor, had some tests and a received a letter in the post a week later asking me to come back to the surgery. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and given prescription medication and sent home to take it. I thought this would be the end of my problems. Little did I know they were about to get worse. I became even more tired, and the doctor upped my medication. After several months I started to feel a little better and stopped taking my medication. Within a week my entire body seized up. I have never been in so much pain. It was like my muscles were beaten and the skin on my body was under a 1000 degrees heat. It was burning so hot. I cannot describe the pain.

I stayed in hospital for 2 weeks and went back on the medication. When they let me out, I started searching for answers and found Jerry and Star Magic Healing. I saw that Star Magic had helped others with the same chronic condition. I watched video testimonials and realised I had a chance.

After speaking with Jerry, he quickly changed my nutrition and took a number of stressful factors out of my life. He suggested I work with him for between 8 and 12 weeks, eat what he tells me to eat and do several healing sessions and at the same time, slowly reduce the medication. I agreed.

It was not an easy journey but after 3 weeks things started to ease off. Within 6 weeks, I felt really good. I still had more than 2.3 mgs of 3 types of medication to go. Jerry suggested working together for another 4 weeks on the Star Magic plan. I agreed.

It is now 8 months after first approaching Star Magic and I am Fibromyalgia and medication free. I feel confident and energised and happy in myself and about life in general. From feeling like a was about to die and now feeling better than I have ever felt, is a real miracle. I am full of joy and truly blessed. Thank you, Jerry.

Gabrielle, Dorset UK

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