Slipped disk healed in minutes by Jerry Sargeant

There are some people that seem to walk into your life and touch you deeply and one man has certainly done that to me, hence this website to show my respect. Jerry Sargeant really is one in a billion. A kind hearted, down to Earth man. I won’t say gentleman because he is more like a lovable rogue. Regardless he is a powerful energy healer and I want everyone to know about what Jerry offers to this world.

I was in awe of what I witnessed in Los Angeles in February this year (2017) when I sat there and watched Jerry Sargeant heal a long line of people who attended his after show DNA activation workshop. The workshop finished at 10pm and just before the end Jerry asked if anyone would like a healing, so he could demonstrate his work. Everyone in the workshop stood up and formed a line. I am not sure how many people were there but it was a long line. I don’t think Jerry expected this but what I witnessed unfolding was amazing and the healing I got for a slipped disk that had been causing me agony, for more than 18 months, cleared up after a few minutes with Jerry. Two months have gone past and it has been like new. No more pain. Jerry Sargeant was so humble. He gave everyone the time they needed and was so accepting of everyone and what they were going through.

Jerry worked his butt off until gone 2am to get through everyone in the room. What impressed me most were the results I was seeing before my eyes and the fact that Jerry had been healing and running workshops for the last 3 days and he kept smiling the whole way through. I was so impressed that I suggested to my sister Gina, who has a daughter, who was depressed and on heavy medication, to contact Jerry Sargeant and see if he would work with her. Jerry agreed and spent four weeks with her. Over the four weeks they did six sessions together. She is off all the medication and is back to her old self. A real miracle.

She was bullied at school and went through some difficult trauma at home. She was in such a dark place and was lost somewhere inside herself. We were losing hope but after I watched what Jerry is capable of first hand and also received my healing, which lasted, I had hope again. I don’t know what he does and how he really does it but he is doing something quite extraordinary. I know he is helping many people and someone like that deserves credit where credit is due. So, that is why I created this website, to share my thoughts and feelings about this marvellous man.

My sisters and I have all started listening to Jerry’s You Tube meditations also, which are mind blowing; like nothing else I have ever experienced. He is one powerful soul. You can subscribe to Jerry’s You Tube channel here and discover his healing website here.

I went to three different healers for my slipped disk and none of them could sort it after hundreds of dollars and several hours of time. These are reputable well known healers who have been doing it for years. Jerry is someone that has just sprung onto the healing scene in the last year or two and I believe he is one of the best, if not the best. And I don’t say this lightly. He is like a modern Jesus. It sounds a bit cliché but I am not going to mince my words. As Jerry told everyone in his workshop, ‘know your power and speak your truth.’

Since meeting Jerry is LA my whole life has changed. It looks different. It feels different and I seem to have an aura of confidence around me like never before. Other people are commenting on it all the time. That is what I noticed about everyone in Jerry’s workshop; they seemed to be lit up from the inside. He has a gift to transform people very quickly.

Everyone must know about the work Jerry Sargeant does and the Star Magic Frequency he channels/delivers, I don’t really know how you describe it but whatever he does, it works. It’s a blessing to human kind and the planet we live on.

I invite anyone who has benefited from Jerry Sargeant’s Star Magic healing to write to me and share your experiences. I will share them on this website.

My name is Elizabeth Torres and my e-mail address

Elizabeth Torres

What Is Star Magic?

Star Magic is a very potent healing frequency with intelligent energy that heals and empowers every human being on this planet. It helps you to realise your own  inner strength, wisdom, and divine sovereignty.

Star Magic healing energy flows through every meditation, healing session, light language transmission, qigong routine, yoga sequence, star magic workshop, or facilitator training that Jerry Sargeant and the Star Magic Team of healers deliver.

Star Magic Energy Healing

Star Magic energy healing improves your immune response, re-aligns, and increases your self-healing and self-recovery, and it enhances your self-regeneration potential.

Star Magic healing is your key to a world of natural abundance. Star Magic has the power to transform you in all facets of your life including your health and well-being, love and relationships, and spiritual growth.

The Star Magic energy healing frequencies operate at multiple frequencies. Energy healing occurs at physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Trauma is healed from this life, past lives, and parallel realities. The energy that is Star Magic, moves through your cells and flows through your DNA. It communicates at a subatomic level, bringing trauma to the surface to be healed.

Star Magic energy healing is one of the most transformative and alchemising energy modalities on this planet. Star Magic is a super-charged form of healing that uses quantum healing techniques to quickly release the blocks that stop you from realising your full potential. This frees your energy so you can create and live your most extraordinary life.

Star Magic energy healing is very powerful because the healing comes from the zero-point energy field. Star Magic operates at a deep cellular level where you immediately align with the most authentic, whole, and powerful aspect of yourself.

Star Magic uses Light Codes for Healing

The healing potential of Star Magic energy healing is limitless. There is no time or space between you, Star Magic, and your higher self. All healing information is contained within the light and sound codes travelling through the ether. Star Magic sends positive healing energy as intelligent light codes contained within packets of healing information. These light codes use light language to interact and communicate with your own energy signature.

Star Magic energy healing removes the multidimensional programming which is affecting you in this reality right now. Star magic healing is rapid and effective in all areas of health, abundance, relationships, and business. Also, geometrical information and light codes which create and maintain unwanted programs and patterns are removed. They are replaced by a new stream of light and information that will empower you.

Everything is light and light is information. Star Magic healing energy plays within the quantum field of light and sound codes. It uses high vibrational frequencies which transform your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Every illness or injury is stored in your cells as electromagnetic information and biophotons.

You can become the most extraordinary vessel to facilitate the healing of another human being. You realise how powerful you are as an energy healer when you can read and decipher the light and sound codes that are travelling through the ether.  You will feel your frequency shift to a blissful space as you vibrate faster. Then you naturally embrace unconditional love and invite boundless abundance to manifest in your life.

Star Magic Healing Clears Your Energy Field

You are designed to naturally self-heal and your consciousness enables you to activate your self-healing. Star Magic energy healing will clear any blockages in your energy field that may be zapping your energy or preventing you from healing. Star Magic repairs and re-balances your energy field so that your body is more capable of healing.

All the cells within your body store and emit electricity and communicate with each other with biophotons. Electromagnetic processes are involved in all your daily activities including breathing, eating, walking, and thinking. When you dive deep and see beyond the physical, you will see that everything is electromagnetic in nature. There you will find the answer to all that you need to know to heal yourself and others and ultimately to be free and prosper in life.

You were not created to suffer long term illnesses or injuries. You are not designed to be poor and merely survive in this world. You were created to love. You are love and love flows freely.

Star Magic manipulates the energy circuits in your physical and subtle bodies to regain balance and facilitate your body’s innate healing mechanisms. Star Magic creates the perfect healing environment with unconditional love as the driving force.

Star Magic for Transformation and Abundance 

From the moment that you were born, you begin collecting information that determines your programming. During your early life,  Genetic, social, and cultural aspects will contribute to this programming. Over the years the pictures and programs that you collect will govern the way you use your energy.

You hold information in your subtle energy systems. This determines how the energy moves through your field. The information and old programs will remain until you start to realise that you create your experiences with the patterns of light and information that you hold.

You can access all the frequencies of your mind, body, and spirit to achieve rapid holistic healing with Star Magic’s light and sound frequencies. Knowing the relationship between the star constellations and your body parts, cells, and energy centres, means that the root cause of the disease can be cleared efficiently.

Your body is a highly advanced communication tool. It informs you when your energy is not flowing harmoniously and when something is not working in your life. If you don’t pay attention to the initial messages, the warnings will become increasingly severe until you are forced to take notice. You will regard illness in a more positive light once you listen to your body and tune into its messages,  then you can act upon the information and make the appropriate changes for you to heal.

Star Magic Rocks

You were born to live life to the full and not merely to exist or survive. You venture into unknown territory where you get to experience freedom, vitality, fulfilment, vibrancy, and total love for life. You go on a spiritual journey and discover your life purpose. Star Magic is the key to your inner wisdom. Now you will feel what dreaming big really is.

Star Magic harnesses very powerful extra-terrestrial light frequencies that enable huge shifts in your health and spiritual well-being. Also, these frequencies can accelerate business performance and create harmonious relationships. If you want to experience rapid, long-lasting change then Star Magic is the energy modality that will deliver.

Star Magic offers the most comprehensive training in hands-on healing and distance healing for beginners and advanced practitioners of healing. Energy healing is an ability that everyone has. Once you have trained in Star Magic you can go out into the world and create an energy healing business. Or you can use the skills and tools you have learned to elevate your existing healing business.

The quantum field is an energetic architecture that can be changed in any way, shape, or form, using light codes and spiritual healing frequencies. Healing should be fast. It shouldn’t take time and when you know how to play with the cosmic fabric, all things are possible. Energy healing should be easy. It should also be fun.

Preparation is the most important piece of the energy healing puzzle. The higher your vibration, the clearer you are. The lighter that you hold in your body, the more of a powerhouse you will become.

The frequency of your heart is mission critical to all energy healing sessions. This energy healing protocol is very much needed for effective distance healing. Distance healing is no harder or easier than hands-on healing and using a hologram makes it even easier. If you want to be a powerful energy healer, then you must practice and prepare your light body. You must practice daily.

Jerry Sargeant and Star Magic 

Jerry has trained thousands of people from all over the world since Star Magic Healing began in 2016. Many of these beautiful souls are healers with decades of experience. They all say that Star Magic is different, much faster, and a more powerful energy frequency that facilitates long lasting healing and transformation.

Experienced meditators from around the world are regular Star Magic Infinity members. Daily, they return to the Star Magic website and take on the meditation challenges to elevate their vibration and that of their clients. There is nothing else like it on Earth right now.

There is nothing that the Star Magic Frequency hasn’t healed, from serious life-threatening diseases, to broken marriages and businesses on the brink of bankruptcy.

Once the root cause is removed, every situation can be turned around and energy healing is often  immediate. You will be happy, discover your life purpose, see the joy in all things in life. You will step into your power and speak your truth in an elevated state of bliss.

Be Part of the Star Magic Tribe

If you want to live a Star Magic Lifestyle and grow exponentially, then get stuck into Infinity’s high vibrational toolbox now.

If you want a deeper experience, try one of the Star Magic workshops or meditation challenges.

You can also join the Facilitator Level 1 Training Experience to become a powerful and effective Star Magic energy healer. Jerry Sargeant has shared hundreds of guided healing meditations on YouTube and other places. His Star Magic energy healing techniques are inspiring, motivational, and enlightening.

Jerry’s vision is to build healing centres around the planet and harness these super-powerful divine extra-terrestrial and interdimensional healing frequencies on a grand scale to bring them safely to Earth. The Star Magic centres will create a wave of cosmic energy which expands the consciousness of every human being. This will connect us all as a human family on the frequency of unconditional love.

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