Slipped disk healed in minutes by Jerry Sargeant

There are some people that seem to walk into your life and touch you deeply and one man has certainly done that to me, hence this website to show my respect. Jerry Sargeant really is one in a billion. A kind hearted, down to Earth man. I won’t say gentleman because he is more like a lovable rogue. Regardless he is a powerful energy healer and I want everyone to know about what Jerry offers to this world.

I was in awe of what I witnessed in Los Angeles in February this year (2017) when I sat there and watched Jerry Sargeant heal a long line of people who attended his after show DNA activation workshop. The workshop finished at 10pm and just before the end Jerry asked if anyone would like a healing, so he could demonstrate his work. Everyone in the workshop stood up and formed a line. I am not sure how many people were there but it was a long line. I don’t think Jerry expected this but what I witnessed unfolding was amazing and the healing I got for a slipped disk that had been causing me agony, for more than 18 months, cleared up after a few minutes with Jerry. Two months have gone past and it has been like new. No more pain. Jerry Sargeant was so humble. He gave everyone the time they needed and was so accepting of everyone and what they were going through.

Jerry worked his butt off until gone 2am to get through everyone in the room. What impressed me most were the results I was seeing before my eyes and the fact that Jerry had been healing and running workshops for the last 3 days and he kept smiling the whole way through. I was so impressed that I suggested to my sister Gina, who has a daughter, who was depressed and on heavy medication, to contact Jerry Sargeant and see if he would work with her. Jerry agreed and spent four weeks with her. Over the four weeks they did six sessions together. She is off all the medication and is back to her old self. A real miracle.

She was bullied at school and went through some difficult trauma at home. She was in such a dark place and was lost somewhere inside herself. We were losing hope but after I watched what Jerry is capable of first hand and also received my healing, which lasted, I had hope again. I don’t know what he does and how he really does it but he is doing something quite extraordinary. I know he is helping many people and someone like that deserves credit where credit is due. So, that is why I created this website, to share my thoughts and feelings about this marvellous man.

My sisters and I have all started listening to Jerry’s You Tube meditations also, which are mind blowing; like nothing else I have ever experienced. He is one powerful soul. You can subscribe to Jerry’s You Tube channel here and discover his healing website here.

I went to three different healers for my slipped disk and none of them could sort it after hundreds of dollars and several hours of time. These are reputable well known healers who have been doing it for years. Jerry is someone that has just sprung onto the healing scene in the last year or two and I believe he is one of the best, if not the best. And I don’t say this lightly. He is like a modern Jesus. It sounds a bit cliché but I am not going to mince my words. As Jerry told everyone in his workshop, ‘know your power and speak your truth.’

Since meeting Jerry is LA my whole life has changed. It looks different. It feels different and I seem to have an aura of confidence around me like never before. Other people are commenting on it all the time. That is what I noticed about everyone in Jerry’s workshop; they seemed to be lit up from the inside. He has a gift to transform people very quickly.

Everyone must know about the work Jerry Sargeant does and the Star Magic Frequency he channels/delivers, I don’t really know how you describe it but whatever he does, it works. It’s a blessing to human kind and the planet we live on.

I invite anyone who has benefited from Jerry Sargeant’s Star Magic healing to write to me and share your experiences. I will share them on this website.

My name is Elizabeth Torres and my e-mail address

Elizabeth Torres
July 2023

My Tiredness Has Vanished with Your Meditation

With profound gratitude and a heart brimming with awe, I find myself compelled to share the remarkable journey that has unfolded since my transformative 1:1 energy healing session with you a few months ago. The shift I’ve experienced is nothing short of remarkable, and the impact on my life has been truly astounding.

For many years I suffered from bouts of spontaneous tiredness and fatigue, often for a few days each month following my monthly cycle. I was in constant pain, but I just couldn’t do anything because I had no energy whatsoever. I spent days in bed and my partner and children helped me and kept me company. I also felt useless and depressed, and the computer screen became a portal to slumber. My focus eluded me as I struggled to stay awake.

Often, I had no choice but to lie down and sleep for most of each day for a few days at a time. The doctors could not help except put me on medication and painkillers to calm my period pains, and I was desperate for a new solution. My search led me to Reiki, acupuncture, and massage and before long I realised that this was the promise of temporary healing at a steep price. My tiredness returned every time, sometimes worse, and I often cried. It was so hopeless and could not hold down a normal job or look after a family.

It was in this twilight of uncertainty that my kundalini yoga teacher suggested a different form of healing that is Star Magic energy healing. She said she had got great results with using Star Magic healing with Kundalini yoga and to try it out for myself. So, I watched a few of your YouTube videos and read about your healing techniques. Then I tried Infinity for seven days for free. I instantly felt better, feeling more energy flow throughout my system.

A few weeks passed when I felt exhausted after a very stressful week at a new job, I checked your meditation library, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that you had added a meditation for physical tiredness (meditation 654). I have since done this mediation many times and I have not experienced being unnaturally tired. Also, I can keep going after a short break if I do feel tired. Also, as bonus, my monthly cycles hurt less and there is less swelling and blood too. Thank you so much Jerry and Star Magic healing for helping me get my energy and vitality back.

– Mariana Loffer, Antwerp, Belgium

June 2023

My Sex Life is Much Better, Thank You

For nearly 10 years, since I lost my virginity, I have suffered from a most embarrassing condition. I cannot get it hard and when I use Viagra, it hurt a lot, and I could not ejaculate. This made me feel worthless and each time I went to bed with my partner I felt anxious about my performance and that just made it worse. My girlfriend was very concerned, and she persuaded me to visit my GP who referred me to a specialist. They told me that my impotence was a result of my anxiety causing my erectile dysfunction. He tested my urine and bloods and checked my genitals which looked fine to him. He took a sample from one of my testicles and my sperm count was normal.

I felt ashamed and wanted a simple solution, not more tests and a possible operation. So, I spoke to a friend who was into alternative medicine and energy healing. He recommended a few energy healers and texted their names and websites. One of them was Jerry Sargeant.  So, after watching videos and trawling through several Reiki, shiatsu, quantum healing, and acupuncture sites, I came across Jerry’s videos on YouTube. I was blown away by his frank and down to earth style and visited I signed up for the free 7-day trial of infinity and searched through his meditations. There was one called ‘Get an Erection’, and I listened to it religiously several times a day over the week.

During the meditations I discovered so much about my attitude to life and my body. I discovered that I have handed over my power and low self-esteem. Also, when I lost my virginity, I was drunk after a nightclub and felt guilty because I was brought strictly by my parents who preached ‘no sex before marriage’ or feeling unloved as a child I had hidden the memories from over 20 years ago of how that conditioned controlled me until I ran away at the age of 16.

So, when I did the meditation, each time it took me deep to a new level of my being. My mind relaxed, my heart opened, and my soul began to sing. It felt wonderful and I let go of all my hidden resentment towards my parents and my childhood trauma vanished in a sea of tears. After the last day I did the meditation, I felt amazing, tingling inside, and feel an increase in my energy and vigour. I met up with my girlfriend that night and I become erect without pain and without forcing it.

Wow, now I can have sex again without guilt or panic. This was a couple of months ago and I am still going strong. More amazingly, my partner is now expecting a baby and we are looking forward to getting married. I am so chuffed and together with my girlfriend we are doing the 21-day meditation challenge and focussing on our health and fitness too.

– Ronnie Jones, Camden

June 2023

My cats are healed with your meditation!

I am an elderly woman living on my own with only my cats for company. I had four cats from the same litter, all black and white tabby cats, and a year ago, Ruby, the dominant female died after being run over by a car. Since then, the other three cats, all male, have not been the same. For most of the last year they have been listless, tetchy with each other, don’t eat properly, hardly go outside, and have developed sores on their legs.

Sometimes my cats won’t eat anything I give them. Instead, they lied on the floor, meowing. So, I took my cats to the vet. The vet told me that my cats were malnourished, and she treated the sores and wounds and told me that they were missing their sister. The vet advised me to take them outside more and she prescribed a specific formula of cat food that is full of nutrients and vitamins. The vet said there was all he could do. I could not rest properly. I wanted my cats to be healthy again and be happy in my house. I felt I had to do something about this.

Later that day, I looked around for alternative healing for pets and found Jerry’s ‘Heal Your Pet’ meditation in the 7-day trial of infinity. I also checked out your video testimonials as well as your meditations  and I felt a deep connection and trust in you. I followed the instructions and listened daily with my cats, and I noticed amazing improvements after a few days. My cats have gained their strength and vitality and their sores healed within another week. Now they are outside most of the time playing, fighting, and chasing female cats.

I rang my vet up after a week and he was delighted to hear the good news. I told him about the transformation in my cats following a week of the ‘Heal Your Pet’ meditation. I am now an infinity member and tune into the resources, meditations, nutrition, fierce fitness and light language too. Everything on the star magic website is powerful, life changing and so, so, healing. My cats are testament to this.

– Jade Walters, Canada