Slipped disk healed in minutes by Jerry Sargeant

There are some people that seem to walk into your life and touch you deeply and one man has certainly done that to me, hence this website to show my respect. Jerry Sargeant really is one in a billion. A kind hearted, down to Earth man. I won’t say gentleman because he is more like a lovable rogue. Regardless he is a powerful energy healer and I want everyone to know about what Jerry offers to this world.

I was in awe of what I witnessed in Los Angeles in February this year (2017) when I sat there and watched Jerry Sargeant heal a long line of people who attended his after show DNA activation workshop. The workshop finished at 10pm and just before the end Jerry asked if anyone would like a healing, so he could demonstrate his work. Everyone in the workshop stood up and formed a line. I am not sure how many people were there but it was a long line. I don’t think Jerry expected this but what I witnessed unfolding was amazing and the healing I got for a slipped disk that had been causing me agony, for more than 18 months, cleared up after a few minutes with Jerry. Two months have gone past and it has been like new. No more pain. Jerry Sargeant was so humble. He gave everyone the time they needed and was so accepting of everyone and what they were going through.

Jerry worked his butt off until gone 2am to get through everyone in the room. What impressed me most were the results I was seeing before my eyes and the fact that Jerry had been healing and running workshops for the last 3 days and he kept smiling the whole way through. I was so impressed that I suggested to my sister Gina, who has a daughter, who was depressed and on heavy medication, to contact Jerry Sargeant and see if he would work with her. Jerry agreed and spent four weeks with her. Over the four weeks they did six sessions together. She is off all the medication and is back to her old self. A real miracle.

She was bullied at school and went through some difficult trauma at home. She was in such a dark place and was lost somewhere inside herself. We were losing hope but after I watched what Jerry is capable of first hand and also received my healing, which lasted, I had hope again. I don’t know what he does and how he really does it but he is doing something quite extraordinary. I know he is helping many people and someone like that deserves credit where credit is due. So, that is why I created this website, to share my thoughts and feelings about this marvellous man.

My sisters and I have all started listening to Jerry’s You Tube meditations also, which are mind blowing; like nothing else I have ever experienced. He is one powerful soul. You can subscribe to Jerry’s You Tube channel here and discover his healing website here.

I went to three different healers for my slipped disk and none of them could sort it after hundreds of dollars and several hours of time. These are reputable well known healers who have been doing it for years. Jerry is someone that has just sprung onto the healing scene in the last year or two and I believe he is one of the best, if not the best. And I don’t say this lightly. He is like a modern Jesus. It sounds a bit cliché but I am not going to mince my words. As Jerry told everyone in his workshop, ‘know your power and speak your truth.’

Since meeting Jerry is LA my whole life has changed. It looks different. It feels different and I seem to have an aura of confidence around me like never before. Other people are commenting on it all the time. That is what I noticed about everyone in Jerry’s workshop; they seemed to be lit up from the inside. He has a gift to transform people very quickly.

Everyone must know about the work Jerry Sargeant does and the Star Magic Frequency he channels/delivers, I don’t really know how you describe it but whatever he does, it works. It’s a blessing to human kind and the planet we live on.

I invite anyone who has benefited from Jerry Sargeant’s Star Magic healing to write to me and share your experiences. I will share them on this website.

My name is Elizabeth Torres and my e-mail address

Elizabeth Torres
September 2022

Candida and Diabetes Healed

For over a year, I have been suffering from painful rashes on my arms, legs, and around my neck. The rashes appeared a few weeks after my doctor put me on medication for Type-II diabetes. This was about two years ago. When the itching started, I saw my doctor again because of my painful itchy rashes and uncontrollable itching. He looked at my right arm which was red and swollen, and also my tongue. He diagnosed candidiasis and prescribed antifungal medicine which I took for a few weeks.

However, the condition kept on returning over the following months. Desperate for relief from my painful rashes, I looked for alternative treatments. I tried hypnotherapy, reiki energy healing, and acupuncture. None of these approaches worked and my symptoms worsened. Then I went to a masseur for a massage and aromatherapy treatment. She suggested that I check out Jerry Sargeant and Star Magic energy healing.

I watched a few of your videos on YouTube and I loved your down to earth authenticity and candour. Then I was blown away by your Candida meditation when I tried out Infinity which was free for 7 days. That convinced me to take the plunge and booked a 1:1 healing with you online. Instantly l felt a powerful connection with you. I knew that you were genuine, the real deal.

During my healing, all my itching stopped, and my skin began to heal. I have since felt much better and happier than I have felt for many years. As a bonus, my diabetes has improved too. From the powerful advice on your website and videos. I now take care of my body and eat a natural healthy diet. Many thanks to Jerry for facilitating miraculous healings and I also found the Star Magic nutrition blog, light languages, and ascension videos out of this world.

– Mark Strong, Australia

July 2022

Letting Go of My OCD Thanks to Jerry Sargeant

I have been suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder for ten years and I was at my wits end when the doctors and my psychotherapist couldn’t help me. I was repeating tasks, paranoid about doing everything right so I was trapped in doing the same things again and again and I was also worried about getting COVID. I found myself on many occasions washing my hands repeatedly and wore a mask indoors all the time too. I felt I would be trapped indoors for the rest of my life.

A friend suggested that I try you out after they saw some of your videos on YouTube. So, I booked a 1:1 healing session with Jerry Sargeant. I instantly felt a lot of weight leaving my shoulders. I lay down during our session and dozens of rainbow-coloured lights hovering around me and soothing my entire being. The repetitive thought patterns and behaviours vanished, and I felt my energy return.

I also joined Infinity to try it out for myself. I found your meditations and light language transmissions powerful. They helped me to anchor in my heart and return to my true self. My Star Buddy guided me to start my daily meditations, and I love the Fearless Focus meditations. These kept me focussed and energised for my day. Everyone in the Star Magic family is awesome and I feel so welcome. This is truly a life changing experience, and I don’t regret investing in the infinity membership.

Your compassion and your healing talent is incredibly rare and tremendously powerful. The healing that you facilitated for me shifted so much of my old patterns of behaviour that it was nothing short of miraculous. I can now go about my normal day without worrying, especially when going out of the house.

Now I appreciate the beauty of life each morning when I wake up. My heart is exploding with love and joy wherever I go. Every day I feel like a young child enjoying the little miracles of life’s abundance. Jerry, you are a remarkable healer, and you are so well grounded and compassionate. I am in awe of my wonderful healing experience of Star Magic.

– Louise McClean, Edinburgh

May 2022

Endometriosis Remission and Healing

I knew that there was something wrong when my periods became more painful than useful a few months after giving birth to my daughter. The pains were unbearable, and I visited my doctor after feeling totally exhausted after a couple of sleepless nights. She prescribed some painkillers and medicines to regulate my hormones. These made me feel worse. She also referred me to a gynaecologist who did a few tests and diagnosed me with endometriosis. When I returned to see her a month later, she said I may need surgery on my womb. I was very worried and just wanted the pain, discomfort, and tiredness to go away.

I decided to act and thought that some light yoga and stretching would help. I joined a yoga class and also wanted to improve my diet. A friend at the class told me about energy healing and Reiki which I had not considered. Then whilst looking for a Reiki healing group, I came across Jerry and his energy healing videos on YouTube. Hope rose from the videos, and I wondered if Star Magic would work for me. So, I joined Infinity and tried a few of the meditations, and then I joined a two-hour live healing workshop. Immediately I felt better.

I took the advice on the Star Magic nutrition blog about healthy eating. I am now eating more raw unprocessed foods which really help with my digestive system. Since your incredible interactive healing workshop, I have changed my diet to a healthy anti-inflammatory one. A couple of weeks later, I saw my gynaecologist again and she was amazed that my endometriosis had totally gone.

Star Magic has transformed my life. I am now using your ascension tools including guided meditations, yoga, and energy healing. Thanks to you I no longer suffer from endometriosis and my period pain has gone away. I feel so much better, like a new woman. Thank you so much for your love and powerful healing.

– Dorothy Williams, Swansea, Wales